Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017: Do you remember a hike in September?

It was hard to believe that it was our penultimate hiking weekend, but indeed, the next weekend was to be our final one, when we were to reach Tobermory! The September 16 hike was #58 out of 61, from Cape Chin Road to Dyer’s Bay trail parking lot–18.0 km.

We were blessed with a sunny, warm day, and our spirits were high.

My two photographers beautifully captured the day

Thanks to them, we have records of many glorious scenes:

4 IMG_5466.beautiful rock and bluebay3 IMG_5448.more shoreline w treesin 4ground5 2017-09-16 11.23.13.trees in water

They also captured beauty that appeared on a smaller scale:

2017-09-16 11.25.49.yellow flowers

IMG_5408.fungus and tree stump

Sometimes I can’t decide which is more impressive—the artistry of nature or of the photographers:

IMG_5333.trees inwater.artistic

2017-09-16 leaves.against birch

IMG_5331.trees in water w leaves in foreground

IMG_5485.bigger rock face like bricks

IMG_5435. 3 hikers in distance.sunny

JR and MJ also had a good eye for nature’s whimsies:

2017-09-16 10.34.40.julie pointing

2017-09-16 11.40.09. sarah julie

And for the whimsies of homo sapiens:IMG_5457.sadhana.waterhead.

They even captured primates grooming each other:


And who knew what good portrait photographers they are!

The photographers also captured the most dramatic encounter of the day:

The Tale of the Sign and Matters Bovine

We had been forewarned by our fearless leader, absent from the day’s hike, about the unusual sign—“AVOID FARM ANIMALS”-and about the cattle. She had regaled us with a long story of the cows’ curiosity and prodigious products. Yet no less an expert than her sister declared that the leader’s tale may be BS, so we approached the field with more frivolity than fear.

2017-09-16 12.01.46.hikers by sign

But as we approached we could see that indeed, the cattle were numerous…

IMG_5375.approaching.probly not use


and curious…

IMG_5394.cattle watching

and fearsome…

IMG_5393.fearsome cattle

So we planned our approach carefully.

2017-09-16 12.11.49.planning our move

Finally, we were led by the farmer in the group. Her expression may have been fearless, but note that she carried a big stick.

2017-09-16 12.16.03.Louise farmer

Emboldened by our numbers, however, soon enough we crossed and were all safely on the other side of the pasture. And we left in stile.

2017-09-16 12.19.19.inga descending stile

Somehow along the way a poem started taking shape in my head. I have no idea what inspired it…


Here is the poem (It’s not a haiku—it’s a hike-oo)

Why do we hike?

Oh, why do we do it? Why do we hike?
When we could travel by car or by bike?
It’s not for the pain in the knees and the hip
Nor for the tree roots that cause us to trip
It’s not for the bruises, the bunions, and blisters
We hike for the vistas…

IMG_5448.more shoreline w treesin 4ground

And fun with our sistas…

2017-09-16 15.49.00.Sadhana.jW.dianne

It’s not ‘cause we like rising so early on Sundays
nor for the stiffness that greets us on Mondays
It’s not for the rain, and getting soaked
And the sun in July can bring on heat stroke
But we love the splendour and solace of trees…


2017-09-16 11.11.37.trees.

And laughing together…

2017-09-16 20.08.32.laughing group Anne

and smiles like these:

Oh where is that blaze? We dread getting lost
And we don’t even want to think of the cost
of the gear we have purchased–the boots, poles, and gaiters,
Paying for parking, motel rooms, and waiters
It’s not for JR’s collections for gas

2017-09-16 15.46.06. JR

Or the kind that, while walking, we inadvertently pass.

But we like mossy canyons and soft forest floors

The smell of the cedars and the flowers galore

2017-09-16 12.08.55.purple flowers

We don’t relish the complex and changing logistics

it’s a wonder it doesn’t drive DS ballistic

It’s not for the mosquitoes, the ticks, and the bugs

It’s for the talks…

IMG_5493.ellen dianne.not as good as rest

IR’s stories…

2017-09-16 09.51.16.inga sarah funny

and the hugs…

IMG_5496. ruth. louise.martha

We like the challenge and cardio workout

And savouring the spectacular lookouts

2017-09-16 13.50.11.hikers on cliff

We can forget the scrapes and the gashes
The toenails we lost and the poison ivy rashes
Because we love the views of the bay… Bay

And a buttery tart at the end of the day…

IMG_5352. pat

We like the space and the time for reflection…

IMG_5311.walking away

but most of all, we love our connection…

IMG_5328.bridge w Mary

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3 Responses to Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017: Do you remember a hike in September?

  1. Kim Watson says:

    Love your blog and all your pictures (BEAUTIFUL) and stories! We are a much smaller group of ladies who call ourselves the “Bruce Trail Babes”. We started at Queenston Nov 2016 and have a plan to complete the end to end over 4 years. We are amazed at the size of your group as we struggle with the logistics for our 6 or 7 members. The poem is wonderful – we can relate to your stories and have even experienced the post hike butter tarts! Wondering what your next hiking adventure will be 🙂

    • HI Kim,
      Thanks for reaching out. We are always happy to hear from other hikers. It was a proud/sad moment when we reached the end of the trail. It was hard to believe that it was over. I found I wanted to go slower as we neared the end, to prolong the joy of hiking the Bruce.
      Are you hiking through the winter?
      We are doing an urban hike in Toronto (Don Valley trails) next weekend – just to keep us fit and ready for the next project – don’t know what it will be yet.
      Best of luck with your end-to-end – may you experience all the joys that the BT has to offer!

      • Kim Watson says:

        We are planning a hike on March 4th, but that is our only winter hike. The first weekend of May is our “official season opener”. Our group is from London (with the exception of one of our members being in Toronto). If we were closer, we would love to catch up with your group sometime. We are very intrigued by your logistics and how you planned your hikes (distances, accommodations etc), as we are just working on the details of our May and June hikes now. I hope you keep hiking and blogging – we’ll keep watching to see your next adventure!

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