June 25, 2017: What to Wear with a Moss-Covered Rock

Today’s hike coincided with the Peninsula Bruce Trail 50 km challenge – a fund-raiser where fit and energetic participants hike 50 km of trail in one day .  As we departed Jackson’s Cove, we met some friendly BT event organizers and stopped for a chat.

Here we are with our new friends at Jackson’s Cove.

As made our way north the trail was a lush and verdant green:  emerald moss draped over massive rocks, fluttering green foliage overhead,  green poison ivy underfoot.  In the distance, heavy clouds massed on the horizon and the low rumble of thunder vibrated  around us.

It was a romantic and inspiring setting.  If we had been songwriters, no doubt we would have tossed off a song along the line of:  “Thunder in my Heart” or “Home from the Forest.”  Were we poets, a quick poem would have risen to our lips, no doubt extolling the restless tree nymphs in their beguiling mossy glades.

But, we are the Limestone Ladies, so the question on everyone’s mind was: “Are we properly dressed for the occasion?”  We would not want our outfits to clash with all that green!

To answer this question, I turned to the Wise Person’s Guide to Everything: the Internet.

The first thing I learned is that the Pantone colour of the year for 2017 is “Greenery.”  So, yay, we are already in style!  But, advises the Vancouver Sun, it is best to tone down the brightness of all that green, by pairing it with a soft colour such as grey or camel.

Here we see a savvy stylista, pairing the mossy green of the forest with her neutral grey tights.  To achieve the pinnacle of fashion, she could have complimented her outfit with a real camel, although it might have had difficulty with some of the crevasses.

From a site called “Fashionisers,” I learned that “Emerald green with beige (as well as with milk, white and light gray) makes the clearest and calmest combination. For instance, you can pick emerald green shorts and wear them with a breezy white blouse, a thin brown belt and camel ankle booties. You are sure to look very fresh and romantic.”

Here we have two fresh and romantic hikers, pairing their beige jacket and beige pants with trendy  ankle booties!  No doubt they are wearing breezy white blouses under their soggy raincoats.  They look so clear and calm against all that green!

The same site also offered this advice: “Emerald green with soft blue is a soft and light color combination, which comes like a breath of fresh summer air. Think, for instance, an emerald green flirty dress accessorized with a pale blue bag, blue bracelets and green high heel shoes. This outfit is ideal for a romantic date or for a cocktail party.”

Here we have our flirty hiker showing off the recommended colour combination. She is on her way to a romantic date at a cocktail party immediately after the hike. Naturally, her pack contains a soft blue purse and some green stilettos.

There is no end to the possibilities.  It seems that pink is also wonderful with green, as advised:  “From pale pinks to juicy fuchsias, pink tones look amazing with emerald green.”

Here we see an extremely fashion-forward hiker in her pink T-shirt, happy with the knowledge that it is the perfect accent for green foliage.

Another article advised:  “It’s also a nice idea to wear an emerald green outfit and finish it off with beige accessories, such as shoes, sunglasses, hats and jewelry pieces. Your bag can be beige or green. Beige footwear will calm down the deep emerald green look, giving a touch of sophistication to it. ”

Here we see a sophisticated hiker correctly accessorizing with beige: hat, sunshirt, shoes and purse (not shown). Knowing you are correctly attired for the occasion gives such a boost of confidence!

Now let’s analyze our hikers and see how they’re doing:

As you can see, most of our group is correctly attired and accessorized in beige, pink, blue, camel and grey. We have a few outliers who insisted on wearing purple. They will, of course, be reported to the Bruce Trail Fashion Police.

The Internet really let me down with this one:

I googled: “What to wear with a limestone cliff?” and didn’t get an answer. However, I believe that in situations like this, you can never go wrong with a camel.

Several more fashion dilemmas arose before the end of the hike.  For example, what to wear that complements the warm and earthy, but possibly drab tones of mud?

A number of us became intimately acquainted with this muddy, slippery, and treacherous descent. The correct attire for such a situation is: brown pants. If you’re not already wearing them, you will be by the time you are finished !

As the trail wound down to the water’s edge, we came upon this tranquil landscape: muted greys and grey-browns predominate.

A beautiful, but dull landscape.

The Huffington Post recommends wearing grey with grey for a monochromatic look.  I say that’s fine if you want to get lost in the fog!  How about a bright, high intensity colour, so the rescue squad can find you?

Look how the red and purple pop against the muted greys. Much more suitable for the setting!

In answer to the question, “What to wear with a field of yellow wildflowers?” I offer the following suggestion:


The last fashion dilemma of the day occurred as the skies opened just as we reached the road at Rush Cove.  What does one wear to look flirty, stylish and co-ordinated in a thunderstorm?

Here we are, huddled in a grove of cedars at mid-day. Yes, it was dark, damp and verging on miserable. The clear fashion winner in this situation is: Gore-tex!


I will end this blog with a photo that really belongs with yesterday’s topic of pop culture.  It occurred when one of our Ladies picked up some beach stones and was reminded of Gwyneth Paltrow and her $66  jade stones.  She was offering them to the other Ladies for free!  What a bargain!  And a great memento of the trail!  And, they are beige so will correctly accessorize with the surroundings! (Not that anyone will be seeing them)

$66 stone, anyone?  If you don’t know what I am referring to, that’s what the internet is for!

We hiked up the long steep hill out of Rush Cove in a deluge.  Thunder and lightning filled the skies and rain churned the gravel road into a quagmire.  But, the sun was out by the time we reached the cars so we ended on a happy note.

The next hike will be in September.  We have a guest blogger lined up for September and are eagerly awaiting her insights!

See you all then!

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1 Response to June 25, 2017: What to Wear with a Moss-Covered Rock

  1. Sand Northrup says:

    As usual, reading the blog of the LL adventures has me chuckling all the way to work this morning. Many thanks for sharing the pictures of the amazing path you are on. Plus I’m relieved to know what to wear the next time I hike on the West Coast. Finish strong!

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