Introducing the Bruce Biddies

We have always been a very select group of hikers, with high standards and exacting criteria for membership.  (Basically, two legs and a pair of boots and we’re willing to negotiate on the boots!  And the legs!)

We often get approached by wanna-be hikers, wishing and hoping that they, too, could become like the Limestone Ladies.  But we have never found any group that could meet our standards of bodily perfection, courage and fortitude.

Until now.

I received word of a hiking group who just might be up to snuff.  And they were interested in becoming associate Limestone Ladies!  They submitted the required forms in triplicate and left a vast sum of unmarked bills in a beige satchel at an undisclosed location.  They learned the secret handshake, the password and the inspirational song!  All that was left was for them to prove that they were up to the task.

I am happy to say that the Bruce Biddies have completed a series of dangerous undertakings, risky ventures and vetting by an international panel of judges, and they are now officially associate Limestone ladies!

Below you will find photographic evidence of their worth:

First of all, they are very cute! This is important so as not to frighten small woodland animals or other hikers.

They can pose as well as any Kardashian!

They can sit at the edge of a cliff without falling off!

They have sassy hair!

They can skip stones with grace and style!

They are very silly.

As I said, they are very silly (and literal!).

They can frame a beautiful view.

They know how to relax aggressively.


It they see a big boulder, they know what to do with it!

They eat their vegetables!

They enhance the view!

They can pack and they can track, they can lead and they can follow……

Welcome Bruce Biddies!

We are delighted to welcome the Bruce Biddies into the fold.  We look forward to hearing more of your exploits – keep us posted!

About idreamoftobermory

Hiker, kayaker, canoeist, cross-country skier, cyclist, wanderer, adventurer.
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