May 27 and 28, 2017: Why Do We Walk?

Overlooking Barrow Bay

Why do we walk?

To see the Bruce Trail, share a chat, feel alive,

To keep placing one foot forward, even if we never arrive

At the end of the trail,

Because the end doesn’t matter,

It’s the journey, we’ve learned, that makes our hearts gladder.

And the sights that we see,

Trilliums red, pink, and white,

Even one with four petals, so rare a sight

Cliffs cloaked in mist, an enchanted forest,

Serviceberries in blossom,  cedar curved in an arch

The view constantly changes, as onward we march.

And there’s always a friend,

To walk in front or behind

So we share a story, a song or a rhyme.

And when lunch rolls around, we settle ourselves,

To nourish our bodies and drink in a view

When lunchtime is over, we’re feeling renewed

So we seek those white blazes, the signs of our trail

Who knows what awaits us? Could it be a morel?

Or a slender wee flower that clings to a rock,

A crevice, a peep-hole, a natural wonder

Or perhaps a dark overhang that we have to duck under

And the delights we experience are not just for the eyes

Sweet spice of cedar warmed by the sun

White-throated sparrow trills and flies on

It all makes our souls wilder

And our spirits grow stronger

We’re nearing the end now, and we wish it was longer.

But for now the trail beckons, and we’ll follow it forward

Though we know that there won’t be an end to our tale

From all that we’ve seen and done and adventured

The Limestone Ladies will always be part of the Bruce Trail.

Nature never ceases to astonish and puzzle us.

A death-defying leap over a bottomless crevice!

So many photos to take, so little time!

This exquisite columbine was growing at the very edge of a 200 metre cliff!

Eating lunch at the edge of the world!


Trail friends!

We met a friendly crew of Bruce Trail volunteers, out doing trail maintenance. Thank you!

She’s not texting, she’s taking a photo!

A friendly wood-nymph we met along the trail.  Note the helpful sign, in case you are lost!

The water is very high this year and most of the shoreline has disappeared. Here we are following the trail along what’s left of the shore.

This crazy overhanging cliff was completely saturated with water and it dripped on our heads as we passed under.


I love this picture for the remarkable colour sequence – from blue, through turquoise, to green. Nature’s palette of analogous colours!

This natural peep-hole in the cliff provided a gorgeous framed view of the Caribbean. Just kidding! It’s Georgian Bay.

Looking towards Lion’s Head harbour

Here we are, gazing into the “Giant’s Cauldron.” This is an extremely underwhelming scenic attraction!

The end of a long and satisfying day.

The start of a new day! More trail to hike!

Trees draped in white blossoms along the trail

A precious morel, discovered growing right beside the trail.

Lunch at Reid’s Dump. Too bad about the rotten view! And the crummy weather!

Relaxing after lunch


This girl is not afraid of heights!

Enjoying her time at the top of the world!

The forest was cool and quiet


Near the end of the hike, we entered an enchanted trillium forest

Goddesses of the enchanted trillium forest

The rare four-petaled trillium – a quadrillium!  We made a wish and will let you know if it is a lucky plant – perhaps it only works with four-leafed clover!

We discovered that there are several goddesses in the enchanted trillium forest

A hike along a rocky beach brought us to the end of the day

Thank you, Ladies, for yet another memorable weekend of hiking and friendship.

See you in June!

About idreamoftobermory

Hiker, kayaker, canoeist, cross-country skier, cyclist, wanderer, adventurer.
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