June 12, 2016: Soxy Ladies

Good morning1

Good morning!

Another gorgeous day on the Bruce Trail! We set out from Inglis Falls, early enough to beat the tourist rush. We soon found ourselves in a green and leafy wood, enjoying the shade and the easy walking.

No shortage of trees here!

No shortage of trees here!

We have become hardened and hardy hikers over the past four years.  We believe in traveling light, focusing on eternal values of friendship and commitment, rather than the shallow vagaries of fashion.   And yet, a certain Bruce Trail style that has evolved.  The LLs like to look good, in their own way, and that involves paying attention to…..socks!

The choice of socks can make or break your day! Here we see the correct balance of comfort and style!

Choice of socks can make or break your day.  This hiker demonstrates the correct balance of comfort and style!

Here we see the "Pippi Longstocking" version of a trail sock. So charming and flattering!

Here we see the “Pippi Longstocking” version of a trail sock. So charming and flattering!

Here we have a conscientious objector with no socks! Didn't get the memo obviously. Or perhaps she is too sexy for socks?

Here we have a conscientious objector with no socks!  Didn’t get the memo, obviously. Or perhaps she is too sexy for her socks?

It’s funny how much the terrain can change in one day.  Yesterday we were in the land of crevices, but today we were mostly high up on top of the escarpment.  This meant lovely vistas, of course.


Too bad the view doesn’t show in this photo. We gazed out over the forest canopy at Georgian Bay in the distance.

There were wild vistas....

There were wild vistas….

And urban vistas

And urban vistas.

We met up with a few crevices, but instead of being at the bottom, we were on top.  And we wanted to stay on top!  For some reason, this hike included a number of wide cracks, across which we had to leap.  This was fine as long as you didn’t look down at the deep  darkness waiting to engulf you if you slipped!


Safe landing on the other side


Some soxy lady just couldn’t resist flashing her irresistible socks, even when we were supposed to be focusing on safely leaping the crevasse. 

We traveled for about 2 km above and beside Highway 21.  Mostly we couldn’t see the road, although we could certainly hear the roar of trucks and Harleys.  When it came time to descend from our lofty heights, some kind folks had  thoughtfully provided a wobbly ladder.


On our way back down to earth!


Safely down the rickety ladder, never far from a towering cliff face!

We hiked a short segment along the shoulder of Highway 21 – even this managed to be scenic, thanks to the rocky escarpment looming above the road.


The Bruce Trail takes many forms, including a highway!

After crossing Highway 21, we entered the Pottawatomi Conservation Area.  We found a scenic lunch spot overlooking Jones Fall.  This 12 metre cascade disappears  completely under the rocky riverbed once downstream.  It’s a bit unnerving to see the impressive waterfall and no river flowing away below it.


We have lost count of the number of waterfalls we have passed on this journey.  Each one is spectacular, but after a while they do start to look the same.  This beauty is Jones Falls.



It was a stunner of a lunch spot, with Jones Falls as our screen saver. 


The ladies have a knack for  displaying themselves artfully, even when simply enjoying their lunches.

After lunch, we crossed a fairy tale bridge over the Pottawatomi River  – just made for trolls to lurk beneath.


Last bridge of the day!  Troll not included.


A rift developed in the group.  Fortunately not serious!

Thanks to an early start, we ended our day by 2:30.  Yay!  Home in time for dinner.  We are all looking forward to July as we begin the trek to the teeming metropolis of Wiarton.


Some people just can’t stop being soxy!

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