May 25, 2014: Friends, Family and Fellowship

When you have something rare and precious, the correct procedure is to share it!  So that’s what the Limestone Ladies did on this gorgeous spring day.  We shared our time, our companionship, our laughter, and our beloved Bruce Trail, with our friends and family.

Setting out from the Grange Sideroad, we were a seemingly unwieldy group of 31 hikers.


The Limestone Ladies and Special Friends

You might think that managing a group of 31 hikers would be like the worst kind of cat-herding, but happily, this group eased into the trail and flowed over the rocks like a mountain river.

The first points of interest were the beautiful horses grazing by the side of Creditview Road.


Not your ordinary nags! These are obviously horses with expensive genes.


And friendly, too!

What a change from our April hikes!  April was a brown month and we were growing tired of earth-tones.  We are clearly into the green season now.


The fresh green hues of spring.


Nature’s bouquet!

The gang was frisky and frolicsome from the fresh fragrant air.


Fashionable fellows and fetching females


A fabulous day on the fabled Bruce Trail


Fearless and fascinating femmes of the Bruce


Fit and flexible hikers (who like plaques!)


New friends!

Next stop was the Devil’s Pulpit.  Not much of a pulpit, really.  I think a better name for this place would be the Devil’s Staircase, as the steps were definitely not ordinary human stairs.   This is a serious descent – grip onto that cable!


She’s not afraid of the Devil’s Stairs!


Descending the Devil’s Staircase


Keep your eyes on your toes!


aka The Devil’s Ladder?

After descending the Devil’s Staircase, the trail was rough and rocky and required much clambering over large boulders (the Devil’s Footpath?)


A rough scramble


Not the place for stilettos or flip-flops

We took the Ring Kiln Side Trail to see the ruins of a lime kiln from the 1890’s.  This particular kiln is impressive for the rocky corridor, with its 12 foot high walls, which rings  the oven.  Abandoned in 1899, the kiln is now a moss-covered relic.  Looking at the silent root and vine draped structure, it’s hard to imagine that this area was once home to seven bustling quarries.  Stones used to build the Ontario Parliament buildings, the old Toronto City Hall and much of the University of Toronto all came from quarries in this area.


Walking the impressive stone corridor around the lime kiln.


Only a century ago, these structures were the height of modern industry.

We worked up an appetite viewing the kiln and a rest stop was in order.


Time to spend with old friends


A serious trail-side conversation


Who wouldn’t smile on a day like this?


It was one of those days where everyone seemed wreathed in a heavenly glow.

After crossing the railroad tracks (how else would you get your lime to market?) we finally reached the Credit River.


Some serious fishermen in the group were able to pinpoint just exactly where the largest fish were likely to be found. If only we had our rods!


I know there’s a fish down there just waiting for me!


Crossing the bridge into Forks of the Credit Provincial Park


Cuddling by the Credit. Some couples are just so darn cute!


A picture-perfect family. Cataract Falls in the background.


Some of the lovely Limeys at Cataract Falls.

We found a cool, green, leafy glade for our lunch.  And magically, a delicious feast appeared.  But… beware the booby-trapped black-bean brownies!


Dig in everyone!


So happy together!


I don’t know what she’s saying, but he’s paying attention!


Aunt and niece!


These ladies are so calm, cool, and collected


Everyone loves a picnic!


There’s always a crowd around the buffet table.

After lunch, we climbed up out of the valley.  We were feeling lazy after all the sunshine and good food.


There’s always another hill to climb.


And another stile to clamber over.


Everyone has their own style on the stile!


The Emerald Forest


Getting near the end now, but lots of smiles still to go!

We came across a little creek and some folks thought the cool water was just the antidote for hot tired feet.


The poor woman’s pedicure!


No honey this time!

What a perfect day for a Bruce Trail hike!  Thanks to all the friends and family who joined us and made our day so memorable.  We hope you will hike with us again!

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2 Responses to May 25, 2014: Friends, Family and Fellowship

  1. I can hardly wait to do this, especially the Devil’s Staircase. One day!!! It would be a plus to enjoy it with as many friends and family as did your gang.

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