Bring Bling, Sing, and Celebrate Hiking! Our First Anniversary

October 27, 2013:  Mount Nemo to Crawford Lake

The Limestone Ladies are one year old!  We made it out of infancy and into toddlerhood.  And that called for celebration!

Who could have imagined that when we started from Queenston on a dreary, soggy day one year ago, that we would find ourselves here, one year older, one year stronger and 12 hikes happier!  We have shared the beauty of southern Ontario through all seasons.  We have accumulated mud on our boots, blisters, sore muscles, bug bites and smiles.  We have formed a bond within our group that will last far beyond Tobermory.


Here are the lovely Limeys setting out from Mount Nemo


The Limestone Ladies sporting their autumn plumage


A little bit of love between aunt & niece

The First Anniversary is traditionally celebrated with items made of cotton or paper.  Not so for the Limestone Ladies!  Any decent hiker knows that cotton kills!  Paper is deadly boring.  We needed a symbol that truly represents the verve and sass of the Ladies.  So, for this important occasion, the Ladies donned their most elegant & precious bling:


Sparkling with bling. Yes, she’s a princess! 


Our very own “Golden Girl!” If you don’t get it, you need to go back to Chemistry class.


Irene needed the poles to hold up her hands. That bling is heavy!


Kate Middleton couldn’t be with us, but she sent her fascinator.


Somewhere, there is a fisherman looking for his lost lure!


Inga made a special trip to Tiffany’s for these priceless strands.

It was a perfect day for hiking.  The sweet scent of damp leaves filled the woods and the sky shimmered with gold as the last leaves fluttered to earth.  We are told that trees are the lungs of the planet, but, seeing the roots of these maples, it is obvious that they are also the circulatory system.


The intertwined roots are what holds a forest together.

We stopped for lunch on a wooden bridge.  Many surprises were in store:   First came the prosecco.  So many wonderful blessings to toast!  We drank to the founder of the Bruce Trail.  We drank to the inventors of the Thermos and Gore-Tex.   And, of course, we lifted a glass to our own good health and happiness!


A glass of bubbly to toast our special day.


Cheers, ladies!


Three bottles full!

The next surprise was an original Limestone Ladies theme song, composed by Joanne and sung to celebrate our First Anniversary.


Our composer/conductor leads the ladies in the world premiere of our theme song.


The woods are alive with the sound of music!

The day just kept getting better and better.  Our next surprise was the unveiling of the brand-new, limited edition, exclusive Limestone Ladies hiking badge!


Our new badge and its designer


Note the symbols representing four seasons on the Bruce Trail. 


Proud to be wearing the LL badge!


The badge made Susan giddy!  Or maybe it was the prosecco.


So stylish, the LL badge compliments any outfit!

At this point, any sensible person would think: “It can’t get any better than this!”  But then a home-made raisin pie appeared!


Marie Antoinette got it wrong! Let them eat pie!

After all the feasting and toasting, we finally started hiking again.


Happy hikers


The beauty of being gnarled.  This elegant tree balances on  multiple insect-like “legs.”


The escarpment makes its presence known all along the trail. We are never far from a rocky outcrop.


So happy together!


Frankly, Scarlett, it looks like bling to me!


The Ladies in front of the lookout over Nassagaweya Canyon. Rattlesnake Point is in the background.

When we arrived at Crawford Lake, we toured the wooden carvings of endangered native species.


Beautiful artistry along the trail.


Even the endangered salamander donned bling for our anniversary!

The weather co-operated and despite dire predictions of rain, we hiked the whole way with only a few drops.  Obviously, that called for more celebration, so we went out for dinner.


The celebrations continued at Borealis in Guelph.


Hardly recognizable without our Gore-tex!  Note how elegantly the LL badges accessorize the outfits.

  What a memorable day!  I can’t wait to see what our second year brings.  Thank you, Limestone Ladies, for your cheerful hardiness, your camaraderie and your eagerness for adventure.  We dared to dream this Bruce Trail journey.  And now we are making it come true,  sharing the joy along the way.  Life is good.


Hug the earth!

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3 Responses to Bring Bling, Sing, and Celebrate Hiking! Our First Anniversary

  1. Deb says:

    Another incredible day … the trail, the celebration, the people! And another spectacular blog so we can relive the moments again and again. Thank you, Fran.

  2. Deb says:

    I also had a successful day geocaching. I was able to find three of the four caches that I searched for and I dropped off the three Trackables I was carting around through Greece, Israel and Turkey in three separate caches on the trail. I wish them all well as they continue their journeys.

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