June 2, 2013: Stalking the Urban Sasquatch

The weather reports were dubious as we set out from the Kimberly Drive Side Trail for our hike to Tiffany Falls.   But we are an optimistic group and were in high spirits.


Ruth and Susan enjoy a trail-side chat

Little did we realize that our idyllic hike would be threatened by a menacing, mythical creature.  But I digress: more about that later…..

All was sunny as we began our initial climb up the Wentworth Steps – all 290 of them!  We were wishing we had worn our anti-gravity shoes.


Nothing like a good climb to get the circulation going!


Deb loved this!


Julie & Pat enjoying the stairs!

The ground was muddy from all the rain and the first cold trickle of fear came when we noticed an unusually large footprint in the mud.  It was so huge… could it possibly be human?  But what kind of creature has an enormous foot AND wears hiking boots?   That’s when we realized we could be on the trail of the mythical Urban Sasquatch.


The terrifying footprint: at least 18 inches long! Could it be….?

We tried to put aside our thoughts of what might be lurking on the trail and enjoyed the scenic urban landscape.


The Limestone Ladies with the City of Hamilton in the background.


Hamilton and the Burlington Skyway


More urban tramping.


Passing under Arkledun Ave

Although the weather was still sunny, dark clouds were building and the sky grew dark.  Our sense of foreboding grew as we found more clues in a patch of mud.


If you look closely, you can see the coarse dark hairs embedded in the mud.  It seemed we were on the verge of a close encounter…..

On previous hikes we had encountered the Land of Waterfalls and the Land of Spring Wildflowers.  Today we were in the Land of Never-ending Ugly Metal Staircases.  Next on the agenda was another set of stairs:  Fortunately, this time we got to go down.


They just love stairs in Hamilton! Can’t get enough of them!

At the bottom of the stairs was a detour which took us through some lovely neighbourhoods with gorgeous landscaping.  In particular,  there were many stunning Japanese maples.  Just as we were getting dehydrated and hypoglycemic, a wondrous sight appeared: a sidewalk lemonade stand!  We rushed over to purchase some lemonade.  At that exact moment, the skies opened and deluged us with torrential rain.  This sent the little lemonade maidens into a tizzy.


The Lemonade Ladies meet The Limestone Ladies: Small business thrives in Hamilton.

Back on the trail, we stopped for lunch at a log perfectly sized for 13 derrieres to sit comfortably.  As we sat down to eat, I thought I saw a large dark shape moving in the undergrowth.  It was standing upright on two legs, but… it had no head!  When I looked again, it had vanished.


Lunch reservation at a log for 13!


The Limestone Ladies seemed unaware of the danger lurking nearby.

We had a brief moment of brilliant sunshine and were able to enjoy a wee waterfall that spilled across the trail.


Sun, glorious sun!

Soon we had to cross Highway 403.  The traffic is scenic when viewed from a pedestrian bridge, safely out of harm’s way.  By this time, it was drizzling again.


If you look carefully at the navy car, you can see that it is driven by a large, dark headless creature.

From here, we descended yet another artistic and lovingly hand-crafted metal staircase.


As always, the urban hike is a study in contrasts.  If we looked to the right of the trail, this was the view:


Look to the left, and this is what you get:


We re-entered the woods, at last away from the drone of traffic.  This is when Deb heard something – a large beast, perhaps? – crashing and growling in the bush.  We stopped to listen.


Deb senses danger.

We couldn’t see the creature, but we all sensed its presence, so we grouped together in threes for safety.


Note the raw fear written on their faces

All at once, it appeared, springing out from behind a tree.  The legendary headless Urban Sasquatch!  We were in deadly peril.


The only known photograph of this elusive creature.

Pat and Anne saved us by scaring it off with hiking poles and a water bottle.


Our saviours

We were safe from the beast, but we still had to risk a busy road crossing before arriving at the lovely Tiffany Falls.



Irene at Tiffany Falls

Great day everyone!  Who knows what we will encounter next time?


Joanne took this picture and forced me to put it in the blog.

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